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Beluga Whale Digital Illustration


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas SketchMerry ChristmasMerry Christmas in Black and White



It’s been ages since I painted a Christmas painting. You see, when I was in college,  I was painting that same objects for my college project. I gave it to the instructor for grading. A few days later, he gave them back to the class except me.  Why? The painting was missing! He had no idea how it happened. He even searched the art department up and down, but nada! According to him, it never had happened before.  Anyway, he gave me an A.

So, I repainted the same objects, and it is nothing like my missing original painting.  My original painting was painted with colored pencils on the Canson paper.

My new painting you see is now painted with Rembrandt and NuPastel pastels on Hahnemühle Premium Velour Paper.  The papers were given to me by my friend who had done with pastels.  She is a pro pastelist and oil painter. She decided to try that particular paper with pastel, but it did not just work out for her. She gave them to me, because she knows  I’m a pastelist.


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So surreal..

A cat looks at the fireplace

It took a short while to come  up with this concept.  Playing with the sketches, and color studies has been interesting for me.  It’s been ages since I painted surreal painting. Don’t get me wrong.  I do enjoy surrealism.


A Cat Looks At The Fireplace Black & White

I’ve been having fun playing with this painting through photoshop.  I have to say I like the way it turns out! It’ll be printed on the acid-free and lignin-free greeting card.

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